The City is applying for a Texas Parks & Wildlife (TP&W) Recreational Trails Grant that, if approved, the trail will be constructed on the west-side of the lake (see map link below). This is a collaborative effort between TP&W, the City of Overton, the Overton Economic Development Corporation (OEDC), and the Overton Municipal Development District (OMDD). This grant is an 80/20 matching grant. This means that TP&W will reimburse project expenses at 80% up to $200,000 and the OEDC and OMDD will share the 20% match. The grant application is due February 1, 2021. We would like to have as many letters of support from citizens, social clubs, school districts, etc. as possible to include with our grant application by January 25, 2021. The link to the editable Word template is below. Please make sure to remove the highlighting and red directions that is added to it before submitting. Submission instructions are in the letter. Thank you!

TPWD Letter of Support for Rec Trails

Overton Lake-Proposed Trail Exhibit (Revised)