THE EVENT WILL GO ON! (with some minor changes)

The City of Overton’s Fireworks Committee (which includes the mayor) met this morning to discuss Governor Abbott’s Executive Order GA-29 announced yesterday. The Committee made a few protocol changes. According to Gov. Abbott’s Executive Order GA-29, if you are in an outside open space, you must wear a mask if you cannot social distance. Therefore, we ask that you bring your masks and if you are near other attendees that are not in your group, please wear your mask.
Staff members shuttling attendees will be required to wear a mask. Drivers will not be allowed to pick up anyone outside of your family/friend unit/group. Please be patient as the drivers shuttle people back and forth. We only have one 8-person golf cart, so if you see it half-empty, know it is because the drivers will not be allowed to pick up anyone outside of that group/unit.
We have canceled the kids inflatables. We will still have a game for them and the playground. Remember, you can fish in the lake too! (Follow all Texas Parks & Wildlife rules).
We will mark off 10′ spaces on the dam and along Lakeshore Drive for groups/units. Please stay in these areas with who you arrived with and do not congregate outside of your area. Remember – NO MORE THAN 10 TO A GROUP/UNIT.
If anyone has any other safety protocol suggestions (we have the cleaning/sanitation thing handled) outside of the norm, please hit us up! We want everyone to enjoy this event while practicing social distancing and being safe!
Thank you and we’ll see you tomorrow! Remember, food and retail vendor booths open at 5:00 p.m. and fireworks will start at dark – around 9:ish!