Fire & EMS

City Fire Marshal – Richard Sisk (

The Overton Volunteer Fire Department (OVFD) consists of a 25 man volunteer unit.
The Fire Department runs 5 fire trucks, as well as a rescue unit. The ambulance service is provided to residents through Champion EMS.

OVFD Fire Chief – Jim White (
OVFD Fire Investigator – Michael Vinson (

The City requires citizens to obtain a burn permit prior to any outside burning, for more information on a burn permit contact the Overton Police Department at 903-834-3145.

To contact the Volunteer Fire Department call 911 for an emergency; or contact through the Overton Police Department at the number listed above for non-emergencies.


The RUSK COUNTY CodeRED Emergency Notification System provides the public with the ability to receive voice, text, and/ or email notifications generated by government and public safety officials.

To register, please go to For questions about the system or assistance in signing up, please call the Rusk County Commissioners Office at 903-657-0326.

Stay Safe:  CodeRED will notify the public of emergencies, and Weather Warning will alert citizens in the direct path of severe weather.

Privacy: Your contact information will remain private and will only be used for severe weather alerts and public safety messages.

Alert Types: Notifications will be sent out for emergency situations moments after a severe thunderstorm, tornado warning or flash flood warning has been issued by the National Weather Service. Only citizens in the immediate impact area will be alerted.

Register to get the call: Residents and Businesses are encouraged to sign up for this free service. Users must opt-in to receive CodeRED weather alerts. Register your landline and mobile telephone numbers at

Champion EMS

Champion EMS will take you to the hospital that you or your family designates. If the patient is unable to respond, we will provide transportation to the nearest, most medically appropriate facility. One more reason you can trust Champion EMS.

It’s easy to become a member of the Champion EMS subscription program.

Champion EMS’ subscription program provides peace of mind and great savings on the cost of ambulance service. Just $48 a year guarantees you will not incur any additional out-of-pocket expense for ambulance use. Plus, you can enroll in Champion EMS subscription program at any time, not just one designated time a year.


When you call 911, you’re immediately directed to the region’s most technologically advanced communications center. The 911 dispatch service is able to communicate with virtually every public safety agency in East Texas. It’s staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week with certified emergency medical dispatchers who will stay on the line and provide emergency care instructions until the ambulance arrives. This unique feature separates Champion EMS from most other EMS providers.

You don’t have to wait for an emergency to call Champion EMS.

When you need to transfer a patient from one healthcare facility to another, call Champion EMS. We provide transfer service with units strategically located throughout East Texas. And the patient is handled with the same level of care as any trauma patient.