Street Light Outages

Reporting Street Light Issues

Any citizen may report a street light issue or outage by clicking on the link highlighted below which will redirect you to Oncor’s webpage:

Please note:  You will need the address or pole # to report the street light issue.

  • Once you are redirected to the Oncor website, click on the “SEARCH” button displayed in the upper left area of the map on the screen.
  • Enter the full address including the City and State (ie: 111 West North Street, Overton, TX)


  • Enter the Pole # including the “-” (ie: 454806-3433986)
  • click the “SEARCH” button at the bottom of the input box.

Please note:

  • Yellow circles on the map indicates Street Lights that may be reported and are Oncor’s responsibility for maintaining. 
  • Blue circles on the map indicates Guard Lights that are the Property Owner’s responsibility for maintaining. 
  • The screen will display two numbers (both should be the same)
  • Click “OK”
  • The screen will prompt you with a drop down box with the following options:
    • Light not on at night
    • Light going on and off
    • Light on during the day
    • Broken glass on lens
    • Pole is knocked down
    • Wires in Pole are exposed
    • Fixture in danger of falling
    • Pole is damaged or leaning
    • Other


  • Enter additional Comments in the Comments section of the screen.
  • Click the Continue Button to submit
  • Then enter how you would like to be notified by Oncor on the status of the repair
  • Options include: Text, Phone or Email