Since the City of Overton is located in both Rusk and Smith County, in order to determine the number of total votes for a candidate you must look at the Elections Results (Unofficial) for both Rusk County and Smith County and add the totals from each County to determine the total votes that candidate received.  Election results are not official until Canvassed by the City’s Canvassing Board. The official Canvass will show the combined total votes from each County for each candidate. The official Canvass is scheduled to be done on 11/14/19.

City of Overton General Election Results (Unofficial)*
* Election results will be posted on the following two websites on Election Day (11/5/19) as the polling precincts turn in their tabulated results to each County Elections Office after the polls close.  Typically, the last precincts will be reporting between 9 to 10 p.m. Election Results are not official until they have been officially Canvassed by the City’s Canvassing Board.

Rusk County Elections Website Link:

  • This link will take you directly to the results for the City of Overton Election.

Smith County Elections Website Link:

  • On this page click on the “Joint Constitutional Amendment” hyperlink and scroll to page 4 to see the results for City of Overton.